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Council changed property from HMO to self contained

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john joyce asked 2 years ago


Our local council (Kirklees) changed one of our properties from HMO self contained flats. The property has been a HMO for over 20 years. Someone from the council came round looked at one room and even though the tenant of that room has a shared bathroom decided that the whole property was now self contained. We have been arguing the case for the last two years and a couple of days ago we were told by the council that the Valuation Office had upheld the decision. We now eithe have to pay back council tax or give the council all tenant details. The current tenants will then move out a they are not going to pay for a self contained flat when the are living in a HMO. Has anyone any experience with this and no any thing we can do.

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Sarah Featherstone answered 2 years ago

You should be able to make minor adjustaments for it to be re-considered as a HMO.

Your case does seem strange, its often the case the Council agrgue the property is a HMO and not self contained flats.

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