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Coronavirus and rent holidays in the commercial sector

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: Rent ArrearsCoronavirus and rent holidays in the commercial sector
Robert Brook asked 2 months ago

Will BLA be issuing any advice on possible \\"rent holidays\\" and any legal implications when the situation becomes a little clearer? For both the commercial & residential sectors

Helen Cartwright replied 2 months ago

Yes, we will publish a brief on “rent holiday” as soon as we have sufficient information.

As for legal implications, we urge all commercial and residential landlords who have control of common areas in their buildings. Common areas – like in serviced offices, small units with common areas which the landlord has control, For residential landlords, HMO and bedsits these landlords must ensure, they have done all they can by providing facilities, so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Should landlords fail to provide adequate facilities to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we would not be surprised, sometime later, that some landlords face substantial claims against them.

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Daw answered 2 months ago

Since banning eviction for commercial tenants for 3 months. The goverment has not mentioned how commercial landlords are protected. With residential they are allowing a 3 month holiday which lenders will give borrowers. However, no information about commercial landlords. More protection is needed for commercial landlords, as if tenants can’t pay rents how do we pay our monthly to lenders. We need a 3 month holiday also.

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