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Bad tenants

Erdzhan Chair asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am new landlord and need some help. I recently purchased my first btl and i have my first tenants. They were recommended by someone i know. They said they need place to stay for couple of months and we made contract for 2 months. They asked me to include all the bills in the rent and i did. Afte 2 months they told me they lost jobs and will apply for universal credit because they are struggling with the payments. They have been in the property for 7 months now and already 3 months behind with the rents. They are refusing to leave and i have been paying all the bills for them. My question is can i contact the councel and ask if they can pay the universial credit straight to myself. To reduce my expenses can i stop paying the bills and ask them to pay. Is this legal?

Many thanks

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