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Advertise property? And votes?

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: OtherAdvertise property? And votes?
Advertise property? And votes? 1Joanne Smith asked 6 months ago

HELLO, as a new member of forum i wonder if anyone can answer 2 questions for me? 1st, i have a previously rented property about to become vacant pocession,(Medway towns, Kent, uk) and i understand i can offer it for sale somewhere on this site? Can someone tell me where please?

2nd, i see that when someone helpfully answers a question, that i can "vote" for them? How does that work please? I very much apreciate the advise so far. thanks

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Advertise property? And votes? 2robertopupka answered 1 week ago

Good enough question thank you, now a lot of fraudulent sites or those that take a big commission, you can create a simple web site and sell your home, you may even get it and you will continue to do it, where and how much you can do it you can read here https://syndicode.com/blog/marketplace-development-cost-calculation/ .They provide you services and will guide you from beginning to end of your case

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Advertise property? And votes? 3carlosbenini11 answered 1 week ago

Thank you for the information you provided, I have long been thinking about how to sell or rent my real estate, quite a good idea!

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