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James Cook asked 2 years ago

I have a 4 room HMO with 2 tenants remaining. The 2 remaining tenants (Father and Son on separate AST\'s) are in receipt of Universal Credit and have been served a S8 (rent arrears) and S21 concurrently. They have informed me indirectly that thier intention is to bring the arrears just below 8 weeks upon expiry of the S8 and wait it out. The property is advertised with a local agent for sale and I have had to cancel a number of viewings because my tenants are preventing access to the property. They are doing this by blocking the keyhole with objects. I have written to them to inform them of the viewings more than 24h in advance and I have also written to them to inform them that I want to carry out a maintenance inspectionI have asked for them to report and defects to me so head off a Counter Claim for \"disrepair\". I have specifically stated in my communiction \"do not leave keys or any other objects in the keyhole as this deprives us of access. My communications are delivered and have been read but they do not respond. So my question is - Can I apply to expedite possession of my property ? I believe another S8 can be issued for prevention of access but would appreciate some guidance.

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 2 years ago

i think serving another section 8 notice ground 12 would help. So you will have grounds 8,10,11 & 12. Although ground 8 may not be open to you if the arrears are below the 2 months.

i trust you are aware 2 months rent arrears means 1 month and 1 day. It does not need to be 2 months full (if the tenancy says rent in advance which most tenancies do).

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