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Accepting partial rent arrears payments?

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: Rent ArrearsAccepting partial rent arrears payments?
simpatico_landlord asked 1 year ago

My current tenants for the only property I have are struggling to make all their payments. I have received glowing testimonials as a Landlord from previous tenants. I really do try to be a fair and understanding landlord. However, I am concerned that taking a partial payment is a slippery slope. Mind you, having some rent received seems better than no rent (should I go down what sounds a difficult Section 8 route). Does anyone have any advice about how best to go about partial payments? If I accept it, how to do it right to protect myself? Extremely grateful in advance for anyone’s advice. Thank you.SL

1 Answers
ted answered 1 year ago

you should consider serving a section 8 notice.

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