Landlords Association Recent Landlord News Driver-less systems, how will this affect your property investment?

Driver-less systems, how will this affect your property investment?

hs2 birmingham driverlessA ‘Driver-less’ System

Plans for a driver-less system to link up Birmingham Airport, NEC and the new Interchange Station has been submitted to the council.

The driver-less system, which will transport thousands of people, an hour between the new HS2 Interchange Station and Birmingham Airport.

The proposal is available online for public inspection from Birmingham council, for the automated transport link.

HS2 Ltd had previously announced its intention to run services every three minutes, with the capacity to carry 2,100 passengers an hour in each direction.

The driver-less system will travel along a 2.3 km raised viaduct, will also stop off at the NEC and Birmingham International during their six-minute journey.

The plans submitted also set out plans to create a maintenance facility, to service the system and this s planned to be at the east of the motorway.

HS2 Ltd issued a statement which will “rapidly” carry the public between some of the most important destinations for the local economy.

“The people mover will be either a cable-pulled or self-propelled system,” said the planning statement.

May affect our assets adversely

A local property investor Mr Afzal Ahmed said “we are studying the plans for this new proposal very carefully. The project may affect our assets adversely, or it may increase our asset value.

Helen Cartwright from the British Landlords Association said: “This is one of the 1st of many driverless systems that will be introduced in the UK”.

The smart motorways now being built I believe are in preparation for these driver-less systems. Commercial landlords, in some cases, may well be affected, as these systems will affect trade routes for their tenants.

Source: British Landlords Association

Date: 17th of February 2020

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