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Data Protection Course

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Data Protection course from the British Landlords Association. This E-Learning course is for landlords, letting agents and property manager, a study from the ease of your home.

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Data Protection Foundation Course. This course is for landlords, letting agents and property manager. The following bullet points are a short brief list of what is covered in this course:

  • What is the GDPR?
  • What information does the GDPR apply to?
  • Does the GDPR only apply to EU organisations?
  • How can I prepare?
  • My firm employs fewer than 250 people. Am I exempt from the GDPR?
  • Do I need to appoint a data protection officer (DPO)?
  • Can I have specific guidance for my sector?
  • What are the rules under the GDPR for subject access requests?
  •  what to include in my privacy notice?
  • What are the ICO’s criteria for issuing monetary penalties?
  • Do I always need consent?
  • Is parental consent always required when collecting or processing children’s personal data?
  • When does the right to data portability apply?
  • What is large-scale processing?
  • How do I know if I am a processor or controller?
  • What are the rules on security under the GDPR
  • Do landlords need to register under the GDPR?


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