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British Landlords Association Free Membership

The British Landlords Association is the fastest growing landlords association in the UK.

The British Landlords Association is a free landlords association for all landlords and letting agents.

Members of the BLA, have free access to legal advice, and our landlord Advice Line is direct access to our Housing lawyers.

British Landlords Association members benefit from the following products / services. This is not the full list and Free benefits are marked with an *

  • Advocate Court
  • Bailiffs
  • Blog *
  • Building Residential insurance
  • Building Commercial insurance
  • Credit & Referencing checks for tenants
  • Debt recovery / small claim
  • Documents Download *
  • EPC Energy Performance Checks
  • Full access to Acts of Parliament *
  • Full access to Case Law based on tenant defences *
  • Forum – Landlords *
  • Gas Safe Checks national service
  • Legal Advice Line*
  • Landlord Courses
  • Legal Resources Section*
  • Networking Opportunities with other members at BLA meeting *
  • Mortgages
  • Property listing *
  • Refinancing – Bridging finance
  • Rent Guarantee insurance
  • Tenant Eviction Service – comprehensive A to Z service
  • Trade discount card 30% – 70% off building & household items from large stores *
  • Much more…..

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Date Published 04th of January 2019

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