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The BLA Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (CoC) has been created for members (Letting Agents & Landlords) to abide by and adhere to maintain a good standard which in turn will reduce the potential contention between the landlord and tenant.

Whether members have their property managed by a third party or themselves, they are encouraged to adhere to the CoC. If for any reason future changes are made to the CoC and the T & C’s it will then be solely made by the Director of BLA.

The intention of our Code of Conduct is to endorse a professional approach to residential lettings. If members do not abide by the CoC then we will have no choice but to take action against the member to avoid any repeat breach of the CoC.

We are an association that is proud to help and is committed to encouraging members to enhance their knowledge as a landlord or agent. it should be noted that the Code of Conduct is not enforceable, however, we expect our members to abide by the CoC.

Nonetheless, if for any reason a member fails to adhere to the CoC, it may result in a suspension or result in permanently terminating a member’s membership with us. Any complaint about a BLA member should be done so in writing. You can find our complaints form via our forms and documents page under ‘services’.

Complete the form entitled Complaint about our member. Your complaint will be reviewed by the complaints department. They will ensure that the complaint is relevant and a plausible breach of the Code of Conduct.

If a complainant is deemed to have a prima fascia case, then we will accept the receipt of the complaint and the complaint will be investigated further. If the complaint is considered valid, then our compliance manager will inform the complainant via email.

The investigation duration period is down to the complexity of the case itself. However, we will ideally look to resolve all claims within 14 days of being received. Once all the relevant forms are collected, the pending investigation will be handed over to our director for review and final judgement.

If we acknowledge that in fact a breach of the CoC has been made, then the Director in charge will write to the member concerned advising them that they could be penalised by being suspended or further be excluded from membership.

If sufficient evidence is found during the investigation then, the following procedure will apply, immediate suspension of member rewards and services. The defendant will be offered the opportunity to make written representations within 28 days as to why our decision should not be absolute.

We will take into consideration any formal writing made by either the defendant or claimant.

The BLA members are expected to:-

1. Obtain a fully completed tenancy application form from the tenant, to be completed by the tenant(s).

2. Obtain proof of residence and one I.D (Passport or a full driver’s licence).

3. Where the tenant(s) are foreign national’s members must obtain appropriate original documents evidence the tenant(s) has the right to stay or work in the UK.

4. To carry out credit and reference checks on all proposed tenant(s).

5. To provide the tenant with a fully completed unsigned tenancy clearly marked Draft.

6. To explain to the tenant(s) the tenant’s obligations as per the tenancy.

7. Ideally, give the tenant(s) 14 days to consider the tenancy agreement and seek legal advice before the parties sign the tenancy agreement.

8. To provide the tenant with an inventory (only if the parties have agreed on a tenancy) and obtain tenant(s) signature(s).

9. The BLA members must provide the tenant(s) with two methods of communication (mobile, landline telephone and or email address).

10. Our members must provide the tenant(s) a full UK postal address where a tenant may write to the member. This does not have to be the private address of the landlord it can be any address in the UK, like an accountant or letting agent address.

11. Our members, if they have taken a deposit, must fully comply with the deposit legislation.

12. Our members if they are going to make any deductions from a tenants deposit act in a fair and honourable way to fully comply with all the terms, conditions and procedures of the relevant deposit scheme provider.

13. Our members are expected to carry out a property inspection and to record and deal with any repair obligations in a reasonable time.

14. Our members are expected to deal with urgent disrepair’s in a swift manner.

15. Our members are expected to deal with and treat all tenant(s) with fairness courtesy and respect the tenants lawful right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the let property.

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Date: 9th of June 2021

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