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You can share Property Listings Globally for FREE

Shared Economy

My Backyard is the Airbnb for the global real-estate market. Now live, the platform is already offering opportunities for providers and consumers to derive economic benefits through collaborating to market properties. Say goodbye to For Sale/To Let Boards and create your own listings and instantly share with communities globally via social media channels; Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube or simply upload photos from a smart phone.

This turns the $100bn global web portal market on its head with a fresh approach. At last there is an opportunity for consumers to stay connected to their listings day-and-night and drive the property market.

The advantages of the shared economy approach are obvious, greater transparency, faster turnaround times, vastly reduced transaction costs and a global reach with capacity to network with communities anywhere in the world at any time. Every Listing Has Potential Value From a spare room in a place you can list any property type. Someone, somewhere will always want to secure your property. The platform enhances direct-connectivity and increases deal flows, catering for all communities wanting faster and more efficient ways to transact. You just need to upload to the platform and share.

Transact Within Minutes My Backyard harnesses the power of the shared economy and rewards all parities with greater revenue potential by speeding up the sales and letting process. Users no longer need to wait several days to list, arrange viewings nor delay projects through lack of funds. Now you can network 24/7 to raise capital by connecting with investors worldwide or message landlords/sellers to arrange viewings. No fees. No commissions. It’s simple: a single platform for all global property acquisitions. This is precisely why this solution more than any other will excite the market.

Genuine Value

The property market has been crying out for a decentralised solution that provides genuine value. Millennials are also increasing consumer expectations and demanding greater opportunities to sell and let properties in real-time with fewer intermediaries and all at the click of a button on a Smartphone. Properties Wanted Backyard is calling on private landlords and sellers to list on its platform as early adopters.

It’s FREE to market properties/land for sale or to let

Stakeholders have already signed up including students, professionals, property developers, brokers, agents and overseas investors all searching for the right opportunities for the New Year. My Backyard expects to grow organically. Its win-win approach guarantees greater visibility of listings and networking opportunities as more providers choose to market their properties on the platform and more users find suitable properties from the comfort of their armchair, hassle-free.

Mr Chris Hanson the communication director of The British Landlords Association, said  “My Backyard” is the way the property will be marketed in the future and much of the transactions will be done through blockchain, My Backyard having the foresight to use the latest technology and applying it to make things better, faster and cheaper. For this reason we have supported My Backyard from the get go”.

Sign-Up For Free

Click on the website link below to sign-up for FREE. Once on-boarded you can start listing and sharing with a global audience. Find your next real-estate opportunity at My Backyard.

Date; 25th of December 2018

Author; My Backyard

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